How Replica Food Evolved in the Land of the Rising Sun


Why do you need fake food when there is real food around us? The answer is simple. When it is difficult to decipher what the real food is, since after its cooked, it takes a different form, fake foods are required to tell people what it is made of. At times even the cooked food is presented in the form of fake food since it could be something different from what one is used to eating.

That is the history of fake foods.

In Japan, after the world war two, there were new people visiting Japan to set things up. They went around looking for food. Food that they ate back home was quite different from what they saw in front of them. It was difficult for the Japanese to explain to visitors what it was. The language was different for the visitors to understand. How do you explain to them?

If we can give them food that is made and sold at the hotel, the visitors can simply point to the food that they want, making it simple.

In addition if the ingredients that go into the making of the food can be explained in a similar manner, it becomes easy for the visitor to understand how it would taste.

Slowly, this was followed by many. It was difficult and time consuming. But with time, it evolved into an art form.

With great pain and observation, experts began to craft vegetables and fruits and meats and fish that looked almost like real.

Isn’t that great? From those times to the current day, such is the journey of fake foods that we have fake foods traveling with us in the form of key chains.

They are used fridge magnets, as memoirs.

Have you encountered fake foods in your daily life?

In many countries there are fake foods in different forms. In Japan, they are made of synthetic material that lasts long enough for the buyer to think it was money well spent.

There is an entire industry dedicated to producing fake food display. There are art and craft classes conducted to teach people how to make fake foods in Japan.

This art slowly spread to the rest of the world. In the US, there are many who are making fake foods as they are made in Japan.

The high point in this profession is when someone lifts the fake food to his mouth think it to be real.

Fake food has lots of uses too. They began to be used as food props in movies. There are situations when the real food may be expensive. Sometimes, the fake food may turn out to be durable for the entire shoot. Ice cream melt. Its not possible to purchase limitless ice-creams. Instead one would prefer to rent an ice-cream cone that imitates the real one.

If you travel to Japan, don’t miss out on the fake food industry. It is interesting. Many artists will let you in on their studio while they are working.

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